Imminent strike.

Sorry if the RPG is being held wrong, I’m not really an expert on that kind of stuff. :slight_smile:

The guy walking out next to the tank would have noticed the two crouched guys instantly, it’d make more sense for the crouched guys to be way further back too, or they’re going to have a fun time getting caught in the explosion from the RPG

Open google, click the pictures tab, type “man + holding + rpg” into the search engine.
Browse for pictures with professional looking people.
Analyze the stance.


CQRPGC (Close Quarters Rocket Propelled Grenade Combat)

Your posing’s not terrible, but there’s still some issues. The Ranger walking down the drive doesn’t look like he’s actually walking, just kinda hovering. Take a look at the normal walk cycle for animators then pick a frame and duplicate it when posing in gmod.

Also the rest of the scene is really empty and lighting’s incredibly boring.

Well, I’m kinda new to this posing business, but thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: