Immortal Gamers|NoAbuse|Fun Players|99% Uptime|No Wipes

Server IP : / You can use “net.connect” in console (F1) to connect to server.

/addfriend [name] To keep from killing friends
/share [name] to share all your locks with someone else
/history [To show last 15 chat messages]
/players [To list all players in the server]
/ping [To show your ping]

Extended voice chat
Automated air drops
No Wipes
No unfair or stupid mods
All new additions to the server are community voted

*Will be added back soon

Hey guys come check out, we recently updated. With (NO WIPE)

Commands are disabled atm until they are updated

Come join us in the fun, we welcome any new comers and enjoy the challenge of air drops

Dont forget to stop by and hang out with us when every you get a chance, we look forward to playing with ya :slight_smile:

Commands will be re-enabled as of 5 or 6 om tonight eta 10-11 hours

Come join us, don’t miss out on any events we host :0 possibly tonight :0

We currently have 14 people on. Come survive with us

Starting today i will try to hold special events for our dedicated players ( Anyone who plays here :slight_smile: )

Come COme COme :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Will be starting a hind and seek event, Find and kill the admin for goddies, Nothing ( OP though )

Dont forget to stop by and see us tonight join in the survival

come join us on the server and meet some more friends to hang and survive with

dont forget to come spend some time with us and take a break from RL


stop by

come see us and make some new friends

come join, just updated no wipe

come play hide and seek

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