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Hi All,

A new rust server based on the US East Coast (Server is brand new aka wiped as of 1/23/14). Looking for new players and those who want to start fresh and create a new community of active players. We wont be wiping the server unless a huge patch comes down that either forces a wipe or fixes game breaking hacks/exploits. We want players to play with freedom and not have to worry about the server wiping often.

There are no rules or limitations and PvP/raiding is encouraged (although we’d like for people to be nice to newbies/nakeds if possible). Admin’s will not be able to use any powers that will give them any advantage over normal players besides banning hackers/exploiters.
When we get enough people we would like to do daily / weekly server events such as bounties, mass-air drops, arenas, etc.

The most popular oxide mods are enabled including a simple starter kit with a stone hatchet and some chicken so you can move to your preferred location.

We created a website so that you can always get in touch with an admin if there are hackers online, etc:

Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you ingame!