Immortal Shield

i got no thread music

unedited, with original light layers:

so sick of drawing shadows lol

fuckin sick as hell

It’d be even cooler if it was a Salamander, considering how much they love their civvies.

Also I’m not the biggest Ultrasmurf fan.

Still an awesomesauce picture though.

Ultrasmurfs were cool before they went full retard with the Codex

also this is the only reskin i have for the model at the moment, probs would have used a Salamander otherwise :v:

Before our Spiritual Liege got his grubby mitts on it? Yeah, I can see that. It’s one thing being a shining example to be followed, it’s completely different to be gods amongst gods, “gee whiz daddy when I wanna gwow up I wanna be an ultwamawine tew” snobs.

Unfortunately, that’s the new cannon =<

Speaking of Salamanders and Civillians, when you do get a reskin of them done, I want to make a picture of a whole brigade of them defending a spaceport or something. With flamers.

very neat

Awesome, love the atmosphere and editing in this one Joazzz!

Fucking win. This is amazing.

btw what kind of person ports a ragdoll without proper leg bones? that Little Sister model was fucking awful but it was the best i could find

to be fair if we had an overabundance of little girls in dresses things would get super creepy super fast

Implying the Gmod/SFM Community isn’t full of perverts and retards already.
Facepunch is a safe haven, both, in terms of content and the people creating the content and even that gets breached from time to time(Rastifan, Torchwood, Ryu-Gi,…).

The picture is metal as fuck. My only gripe is that the girl has unposed eyes, I assume they weren’t posable. Could have fixed that up in image editing maybe?

well yeah but i’d rather limit the amount of SFM gifs with CP in them. i know at least some of the bigger animators are the kinda ultrahuge creeps who would make shit like that

i think we need more child models tbh, i can’t tell you how many times i’ve wanted to make a pose that involved children that i had to seriously improvise/scrap

i actually tried to make her gaze in the general direction of the gun, but i guess i didn’t make it noticeable enough

let’s just say she’s shell-shocked

It’s not even a mistake, just something I noticed.

Your editing skills are probably the best around this subforum, just like Chesty, V-Man and all the other famous guys back in the day. The building getting shot by the Melta Weapon looked fantastic.

Fucking flawless

Ward didn’t create ultrasmurfs, they were already smurfy to start with. He just amplified it into levels of ridiculousity that even warhammer can’t handle, much like Grey Knights. They were already the stuffy jock-boyscout hardasses well before Ward got ahold of them. The only faction to hand them their asses has been Nids, and they’ve pretty much roflstomped everything else throughout the editions with painful regularity.

Also bear in mind they stopped the ENTIRE Nid hivefleet invasion up to that point on a single planet with rather sparse naval support, save for a particular super ship.

Where oh where you get those awesome dust and spark particles from Joazzz?

I honestly don’t think this could get any better, it’s just perfect.

i don’t get them from anywhere, i draw them :v: