more russian tf2 photos for me

Spy can’t stop catching my eye. He looks brilliant. Excellent work.

I lol’d. Great job.


you have crafted a raw sexual energy, my chile
you and notis are like the two best tf2 gmodders around

well excuse me butthurter

oh yeah this is damn cool

“You gotta shoot 'em in the head.”

Nicely done. Spy’s pose is brilliant.

that lightning turn’d me on

"Once I took an arrow to the knee.

Then I said “Fuck that” and I ate my sanvich."

Spotless, this is awesome!

That light is so pretty.

He got a serious BUG.
Nice lighting. I love it! Brilliant!

Facial expression on the spy completes this.

people forget how important finger posing is, even the most subtle of details will get noticed by the eye.