Immune to the poision.

My go at making a newer version.

Sucks to suck

I don’t follow?

Very cool, but why is chromatic aberration such a thing these days? I see no point to it.

I don’t really know. But I’m almost done and making another version of this picture without it.

It’s up.

The first one is actually really good. But you definatley need to turn up your graphics before you take the picture. Especially the anti-aliasing.

Everything except AA is at the highest. I usually sharpen the picture a bit in After Effects because I’m an idiot. Next pose I make, I’ll tune my AA up to x2.
I also can’t use the high quality shadows. Intel HD 4000 sucks.

All of his comrades are dead, all of his friends are dead, he is all alone fighting them.

It sucks to suck.


All his friends are dead, you say?