IMO - rust should be a primitive survival game

I know its been said before but i feel like the modern weapons ruin the feel of the game. I personal love the bow combat that is currently in the game. I also feel this could mitigate the effects of aim bot and other hacks because these weapons have projectile travel time and require compensation such as leading that would be harder for aim bots to account for. Currently you will get face rolled if you attempt to use anything but modern weapons and most of the constructed weapons are never used.

My personal opinion is this game should differentiate itself from other survival games by being a more primitive survival simulator (we already got naked people running around with rocks) and the community has embraced that aspect of the game as one of the most unique / comical features. Why not add to it and add things like fishing, traps, different types of bows, spears etc.

If you read the ama on reddit with gary then he says some stuff to answer your question.

if you read other posts like yours you would know that the devs are planning this as the game has only been out for around 6 months which mot of those were to fix many bugs both old and new so just wait and you will eventually get more primitive things

Thanks for the response. I know they had been considering removing the tech but still have not finalized any plans and the communities feed back will somewhat influence there final decisions. I thought it may be beneficial to include a pole so if the developers do happen to stop by they could consider our opinions into there decisions. I was also curious if others shared my sentiment. At any rate I feel like this is a great game and no matter what is decided it was $20 well spent.