Start music at 0:08. Also is this stiff posing? :confused:

Somewhat. I don’t know why he’s holding the clip like that.

His hand wouldn’t position up.

Download ragdoll poser tool, it’ll let you twist stuff further than you normally would be able to do. If not, the hand cradles between the hand guard and the mag well, aka higher up than it is now.

Also if you want to get into posing seriously you should study the body more. Look at images of people holding guns, you’ve rotated his torso too far (which I’ll admit is much better than new posers who have the rifle and torso perpendicular) and the stock is in his elbow instead of his shoulder. It isn’t awful but you’ve made some rather awwkard artistic decisions.

Where is this ragdoll poser tool?

not baaad!

I think he means this.

whoa it looks like hes going to stab someone with that gun!

I don’t know why, but it feels like with the way he’s holding it, benny hill should be playing.

he’s derping yo

Looks like a mix between sonic and modern warfare. “Ramirez! Get those rings!”

The way he holds his rifle is strange.

Well it’s kinda funny because I was trying this time while basing it off real ones. Anyway I’ll download and see what I get. Thanks.

Even if you did, the shitty angle broke anything.

Shitty angle I screen capped it off?

The gun seems to be a bit bent