Imperial Driver

Ahh memories! :buddy:

I just lurk in the screenshot section and whenever I see Crazy Knife’s name I check the thread because he ALWAYS delivers :buddy:

Awesome tunes are awesome

That shit is ace, yo.

That is just bad-ass & awesome, but the muzzle-flash seems a bit blue.

Makes me laugh.

Classic Crazy Knife

Doesn’t deserve to be on the second page, it looks awesome.

Brilliant as always.

I love your work. I’m always glad whenever I see it. Great work man.

Stop right there, criminal scum!

God, the screenshot takes ages to load!

Sorry, it must be the filesmelt thing, anybody know a good place to upload pics? Imageshack don’t work for me and the faggots at photobucket have a limit on the pics


Also, added a new soundtrack XD

Also awesome work man