imperial entertainment

the server imperial entertainment is full of bullshit and favoritism i go on there and try to enjoy myself but i cant if i am on the map 67th way and i am in a jail cell and no one fucking lets me out which is against there servers rules but hey its me its like i am the targeted one to be trolled and abused by the server’s admins, the guy animewhovian was trying to kill me when i first joined the server and i mean constantly try to kill me and when he was sniping me i called a kos on him and the other admins are like oh we believe him and we have logs and then after that was said i was deliberatly rdmed by my t buddy its crap this is happening to me all becuz i just want to enjoy myself and i cant do that if the whole server is filled with assholes. please garry if u see this do something about that server its so stupid i have to report this server becuz of the rules being broken by the servers admins

This is not the place to handle individual community drama. I’m sure they have a forum where you can report this sort of thing, however you’ll be most likely be expected to provide evidence of abuse so you’d best try your luck there.

I could pass this onto Garry, but his response would most like be something along the lines of “don’t like then don’t play on it” which is also good advice.