Imperial Guard (Crysis marines reskin)

is the first ever Crysis reskin? I think it might be.

View in full-size to see the detail more clearly.

Based off the 112nd Cadian regiment.

Comments and criticism please.

Hot damn that is some sexy stuff, Chesty.

I think this is the first Crysis Reskin :

But it doesn’t looks as awesome as yours, amazing detail on the reskin.

Damn, he beat me! Haha. Thanks for the comments so far. I have IDOTS saying he’ll whip up a version without any camouflage for so, hopefully, in the final release there will be a camo and non-camo version, both hexed.

Very nice, but i think it would look better without camo. Can’t wait until the releases.
Will be doing some poses with them.

It would be great to give him a face mask or something, kind of like the Kaffi’s PMC’s. Although I don’t think someone could skin that one without all of the facial features sticking out. Other than that the skin loos incredible, you’ve got my download :D.

IDOTS is currently working on a no-camo version. Right now it looks kinda terrible because of a lack of folds in the base texture, but he’s also working on new normal maps that will add in folds (and will be used in the camo version too) so the skin should look even better soon.

The final release should also have version with and without the neckguard.

Technically his isn’t finished, so if you finish yours before him, yours will be the first finished Crysis skin.

Oh the technicalities of it all.

god I hate their hands

When I first read this, I thought it said “Base off the 112nd Canadian Regiment…” Canada, Eh? :smug:

Anyway, the skin looks good. For some reason I can’t fix the eyes on my reskin.

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WOOH! Finally. I might play GMOD again because of this.

That is a big compliment! Ha thanks. I will get to work changing the insignia tonight (I will also try and add something to the helmet).

Ok, where are these models? o-o I want to join the bandwagon

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Waoh! Dude this is hella good. You should try for vehicles after completing this. +1 download.

I will post an update sometime today followed by a release today or tomorrow. After that I might try my hand at reskinning some vehicles.