Imperial Guard fighting Chaos

Where did you get those models…

what he hath saideth :v:

Great Picture by the way.

Pretty cool… but… those chaos guys… :froggonk:

Where are that mans pants!

nice but muzzle looks a little low res

Want those fucking models.

I was thinking TES:IV Imperial Guard :v:

Bloo is helping me rig Imperial Guard models from DOWII, they should be released soon.

For the chaos rebel, you should use only the arms and the head from the KF model.

If soon means the soon that the COD5 and COH and other shit was soon, then we’re boned :suicide:

But yeah, hopefully it’ll work out and then I can finally fucking make awesome IG poses.

I wish someone would port the chimera or leman russ. Russes own, qtiyd.

the guy in the background looks weird, probably because he got shot and is falling?

The muzzleflash looks sort of out-of-place.

Those are large projects, this isn’t very large (Only one model in DoW II, and only a few weapon models).

What Chesty said. The muzzle flash doesn’t fit in well.