Imperial Guard learns The Morrowind Spell Levitate

Oh God, my chest. Dear lord Jesus almighty.

Stop being awesome and funny man. :v:


have all my babies

Somebody tell me how to embed the youtube video thing so you can just click it from this thread to play

media tags

[ media ] [/ media ]

w/o the spaces

Cats couldn’t have made this more epic

I love your work. Hilarious to the end. Keep it up Crazy Knife.

Idk i did this!v=6YMPAH67f4o&feature=related and it’s not working X(

with the [media] things around it

[ media ][ /media ]

I was gonna make a thread, but now I have to wait a couple hours :frown:

Thanks, idk why it didn’t work for me

no levitate makes u fly

it would be oblivion telekinesis

The cats are flying, telekenesis works only on non-life objects

Holy fuck yes.

Just yes.

This is a real comic.

I’m scare now.

You made the best comic ever.

IT SHALL BE MAGNIFICENT!! ahh man i love it…

I love you so hard man.