Imperial Guard of the Cadian 8th hold a trench.

Beta testing some models that will come soon.

Nothing really fancy, I was just testing body groups for the guardsmen, different helmet types, equipment types. The body groups really do let you customize these guardsmen to range them from ‘inexperienced’ too battle hardened types.

Original can be found here:

This was only Gmod editing, so it would be nice if any of you photoshop users could give it a nice edit.

The pose is kind of strange in a few areas, and some of the textures are a bit low res…

Otherwise, it’s good. I misread the title as “Imperial Guard of the Canadian 8th.”

Yeah they are low res because they where simply recoloured a bit when ripped out of DOWII, some better skins are going to come. There will be multiple skin choices if you use the bodygroup changer tool.

Oh yes, Imperial Guard models! Are you going to make any more to showcase them?

Meh, I tried.

Very cool i love those cadians whose making them?

Probably one of the first custom model releases I’m actually looking forward to. Nice.

Me :v:

I made most of the skins, this Cadian skin came from this mod:

I had to edit it a lot though, had some weird stuff in the texture.

Oh man now that I have the models I feel like it’s my purpose to make atleast one nice pose and post it on FP now :v

These models will need to be heavily remade …

What do you mean? These models are perfect.

The mesh is good. or decent atleast. The textures are pretty low quality, but for some reason I dig that.
Bloo and some others are working on better textures though.

damn, that mask the guy has in the middle looks sweet. nice job

Love it. Is that a Scene build or a map with good “urban” trenches?
Models Look great, can’t wait for Release.

guardsmen don’t have chainswords
do they?

Yeah it is a scenebuild.

It is a standard Imperial combat weapon.

oh well,actually,who am I to judge?
i only played the Dawn of War games,so…

In DoW, the only IG units that carry a Chainsaw Sword is the Commissar and Priest.

Squad leaders have them in DOW winter assault

I do that all the time I always go “I didn’t know Canada had-Oh…Cadian…damnit.”