Imperial Guard shooting his laser gun.

Was hoping for oblivion imperial guard

sorely dissapointed.

But the laser effect looks nice.

It’s okay.

why didn’t you use the high-poly lasgun?

It looks too bulky.

Was expecting a Red Imperial Guard, I as well was disappointed. (Please tell me you get the reference…)

Knowing IG, he probably missed his shot as well.

am i the only one that instantly knew this was going to be Warhammer? i suppose a better hint would’ve been to use Lasgun instead of laser gun. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t know about warhammer then, all the Imperium weapons are blocky.

Also, its Lasgun, not laser gun.

Laser gun.

red beam shooter

looks pretty good, laser looks dull though

I think you mean flash lights. Not lasguns.

Fine, shit on a franchise that is older than you.

Stop right there intergalatic scum!

Sure thing, the guards from the medieval times were always shooting with laser guns! :smug:

That’s because they are 2cm tall models.

I think some hefty artistic license should be employed when doing Warhammer art because it just looks shit to have characters lugging massive rectangles around.

Did it never occur to you that las might be short for laser?

And God-damn. The franchise isn’t going to die because he misnamed a fictional weapon.

Fucking fanboys.

You’ve never seen any models other than Guard and SM then. Everybody else has fine models. Extremely high detail.

For example.

Stop attacking something you clearly don’t know anything about.

Great, that’s lovely, but we were talking about weapons, guns specifically, which that model isn’t holding. And I’m guessing that thing has been heavily messed with using green-stuff and extra parts and whatever else was put into it.

I’m not attacking Warhammer - the design of the weapons and most of the characters, if not all, is blocky because it has to be; it would simply be impossible to create 2cm tall models with incredibly rounded detail and still maintain a profit on each model sold. I’m not blaming Games Workshop for that, I’m simply stating that when you scale up the designs to be used in art like that in this thread, it is totally necessary to put more detail into character and weapon design.*

*I’m aware that isn’t really possible here, although in truth some other models could have been used, ones that employ more artistic license.

The High quality model is still better. I would use it all the time except it doesn’t have a bayonet.