Imperial Guard Squad holds the line

I was pretty happy with the way this turned out

c&c appreciated.

get sum beel

Not a really good blur job. Couldn’t you just use the SDoF in-game?

muzzleflash looks really bad (really dull, lacks definition and shape, etc)
the rest of the pic looks nice though

thanks guys,

yeah I really didn’t like the muzzleflash, but I can never do it correctly in photoshop, so it’s just the normal in game flash

also so I get better, what’s wrong with the blur? I never really liked the way sdof turns out, so let me know, I’m trying to improve.

Bill’s neck looks like that of a Holocaust victim. Not bad work otherwise.

thanks, yeah he’s got a chicken neck going on there, gonna try to fix that up, still have the PSD and all

haha bills head got shrunken down to half its normal size. poor guy

Bills arms look really messed up.

Ha ha at bills face