Imperial Guard tanks (3 images) + my one-year anniversary of Facepunch!


I didn’t put the usual effort into the shading on these pictures, but I had fun with depth-of-field, choosing camera angles and editing in the effects.

C&C please!

In other news, this week is my one-year anniversary of posing and posting pictures on Facepunch. Hoorah!

Here is my first ever picture post, and about my 3rd ever pose:

Thanks to everyone who ever commented on my pictures and especially to those who have given me constructive criticism over the past year.

Special thanks to those of you kind enough to have added me and spoken to me on Steam.

An extra special thanks to a bunch of you guys who have been surprisingly great friends to talk to and have provided me with priceless help with posing and editing over the year - you know who you are!

Merry Christmas, and here’s to another good year on Facepunch! Cheers!

Love you, hun<3


I know I haven’t done anything good :v:

Awesome DoF and shading :slight_smile:

:toot: Congratulations mate! :toot: Keep up the nice work :slight_smile:

Bloody nice smoke editing there mate. And merry Christmas!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Imperial Guard for the WIN!

Awesome stuff once again!

You didn’t even wait for me to finish my mech edit :eng99:

I like how you made those models look good, since they’re pretty low res.

Happy anniversary :smiley:
Love the fire on the mechy thing.

Flamethrower effect is totally badass. Happy anniversary my good friend. :smugdog:

Great editing, and yeah you were always good at posing for some reason!
Happy anniversary dude

1 year of rapid improvement on your pictures, good work on the flame thrower all though I wish you did a beam on the Lascannon.
I wish I was as good as you at lighting.

I could have sworn it was going to be an imperial guard from Oblivion mixed with a Tank from Left 4 Dead.

“Stop right there communist scum!” Fires missiles

<3 to you too Chest :smiley:

Good job on making very low-res models look presentable.


Damn I remember that old picture, was a fucking de_vacant (or whatever is this shit map’s name) bandwagon.

Happy FP-Day Chesty!

Wow Great job you did there on thos low-res models, and Happy one year!

Where the fuck is my pirate pose you limey bastard


HOLY TITS nice i love imperials cuz im good at painting them

I love your basilisk picture.