Imperial Guard visits a coffee shop

What sense do you make of this?

Maybe journey can help you make sense:


God damn it Crazy Knife you are one awesome bastard.

If there’s anybody I’d want using my ports, it’d be you :love:

His chimney

Crazy Knife… would you accept my babies?

pwnage x 3000 funny x 6000

This is fucking hilarious.

luv the last quote

Fucking amazing.


First time I’ve laughed about a Facepunch thread in a while :v:

Back to shooting commies.

Is it wrong that I bookmarked it? and fapped to it?

Credit for the emote to: Zhul.

That was the greatest thing I’ve seen all day.

I want a cat phone.

Pretty much what guys before me said.


That was incredible.


Oh man, whenever Crazy Knife and the Imperial Guard shows up, you know its gonna be awesome.

I literally loled IRL, good job