Imperial Guard walking through a field.

Nothing special really.

Your title is inaccurate, they are clearly standing in the field, not walking through it. Nah, it is pretty neat looking, but lame grass and such… as you say, nothing special, not your best but better than I could ever be assed to do.

A few problems here and there, like some of the Guardsmen’s necks (due to head swapping and lack of editing).

Great posing though.

Very colorful and peaceful with a nice blue sky. This picture couldn’t possibly take place in the 40k universe.

I like it. Too bad for the slight neck problems.

Also for some reason I was expecting

Imperial Guard in the Star Wars universe would apply to the Red Guards not Imp Officers.

Yeah I would edit the necks if I had photoshop, but its just game editing.

Only in-game editing? Looks great!

I fixed it for you.

i was expecting tes: oblivion guards

Oh hell yeah, they just made that field their bitch! That’s how we do it in the Imperium!

No, no I kid. Sweet picture. Some of the necks are… Odd but still nice looking. Though the guy with the Nick head looks like he’s holding an MG42 or something. That might be wrong.

I think it’s supposed to be a heavy stubber, that thing was essentially a big machine gun anyways.

Someone should hack these to actually have the heads, so people without photoshop can make poses without weird necks.

ja, but a heavy stubber in the imperial guard? Stubbers are pretty ghetto. Maybe a 'nade launcher? (i doubt it)
Only Vasili can set us straight

Yeah Stubbers are more PDF or really, REALLY bad Conscript. Still, nice.

A heavy stubber is fairly reliable weapon; cheap and easy to mass produce, and is nearly as effective as a bolter, though it is far less sophisticated a weapon. often pintle mounted onto vehicles as close defense weapons, it is often seen as a pintle-mounted armament on many vehicles and is used for anti-infantry and light anti-aircraft fire. A lot of regiments use heavy stubbers in heavy weapon teams or squads seeing heavy bolters are not in mass supply and easier carry. Most heavy stubbers look like a 20th century machine gun, usually something WW2 focused or modern day military looking. Some models have heavy stubbers that look like MG42’s while others have some that look like Bren guns, some are bigger and some are smaller than others, depends on the type of world and its technology.

Nice, I like the MG42 in the picture. Personally.

amazing picture, also nice to see some color instead of the screenshots sections usual grey and brown