Imperial Guards Actually Not Dying For Once, Instead They Look Pretty, Oh So Pretty.

Herp a fucking derp.
C&C and that shit.
Artistic this shit if you like this shit.

Great posing, nice angle, good editing.

very good

I’ll give him 15 hours.

Until they ask for the models?

Make that 5 hours.

Until he dies?

10 minutes.

Those veins on that hand…

Fallout New Vegas hands = <3

Why did I think


Lots of brown and orange there.


They died after the picture was taken.

Looks really snazzy though.

Give me models

You wish, heretic scum. Go back to the Eye of Terror.

No. This isn’t the kind of picture where you do this.

Blue and gold, thank you. :colbert:

dat armour detail

Yeah, me too.


That is what i thought when i saw Nick as an IG.

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wait please dont tell me you got introduced to WH40K via the DOW series if so i will be dissapointed.

I got introduced to it thanks to my brother who played WH40K and fantasy, DoW is a fun series to play (Soulstorm dosen’t exist) and I’ve begun reading the Horus Heresy books.