Imperial Guards attempting to stop Criminal scum.


Orite: Joazzz did sexy edit.

i knew it

Laser beams looking sexy as hell.

Joaz? Editing your picture? NO WAY!

The contrast is a little excessive, or maybe it’s just the bloom from the lasers.

Then again, viewing the picture on a TV with the contrast too high probably makes a difference.

The fuck was that supposed to mean?

Everything is pretty good but, the posing looks kind of dumb with them not even aiming

I agree, but the editing is great!

Then pay with your blood.

“These xeno scum must pay the fine! Of death!”

  1. It’s guardsmen.
  2. It’s lasgun.
  3. :downs:

Lol. They’re not face or eye poseable so I thought it looked retarded with them aining and actually looking at the ground. So :hurr:


I came into this thread thinking it was going to be Imperial Guards trying to wash a stain off of a table or something.

Although I wasn’t dissapointed with this pic.

I lol’d.

Chill dude, I was just saying Joazzz edits all y’alls pictures :buddy: