Imperial Guardsman bayonets some mothafuckin chaos jerks

nice, but the blood looks a little too translucent.

Pretty good.

Take that mother-fucker.

Gracias for using my reskins. Great posing but there’s something very odd about the editing - the blood is a good shape but rather translucent, the lighting on the Guardsman looks completely random (and the isolation looks off). Also, it looks like there’s some weird pattern applied all over the picture and it’s quite disorientating.

actually i am kind of off right now, probably these meds sittin on my table

I laughed on the third picture with the blurred out area.

haha, fucking brilliant. very good editing too, it took me a while to realize that they were Killing Floor models with armour 'shopped onto them. where did you get these imperial guard models?

why’d you blur it mang, I bet he is hung like a horse is why.

thats awesome but the hand posing is hmmm

“For the glory of the Imperium!”

Nice. I’m working on porting (ripping, but close enough on how I’m doing it) actual Guardsman from DoW II. That is where the Lasgun came from, Vasili got it from DoW II.

An image of what I’m working on.

But still, nice poses. Pretty good editing, just the blood is a bit too transparent.

Mah guardsmen will rule supreme. Get off my turf playa.

yo now that i look at it

this sucks pretty bad lol