Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service[/t][t][/t]

Not the best, but hopefully it’ll be of some use. I swear, that cockpit was an utter pain to fit.

That Zero is going to be useful but good god those goggles, couldn’t the lens at least be clear? He kinda looks like a cartoon character with that lens

I posted those exact goggles in the WIP thread several times, nobody said a word. I’ll give them some alpha.

That’s is great!! when there is the propeller which stopped, i think that is better.

That Zero is going to be really useful for pacific dog-fight scenes, thanks for the release Joe.

This Zero is kind of low quality, to be honest.

You could try this one, it looks way better and has destroyed version too.

And I guess you could slap the cockpit inside too.

Astonishing work as always, Joe. These models are really well ported, no problems at all!