Imperial Lasgun

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Imperial Lasgun.

[tab]Includes:[/tab] Lasgun itself (with powercell and bayonet bodygroup), separate powercell and a separate bayonet prop. Lasgun includes 7 different colors; Grey, Black, Olive Green, Light Green, Red, Tan and Aqua.

[tab]Credits:[/tab] Nirrti/Ilwrath (all of the models, bayonet textures), LT_C (Lasgun Textures.)


Just look how happy Ellis The Imperial Guard is with his shiny new Lasgun!

Very very nice, glad to see it finished, great to see it released. Nice work, got my download!

Lol’d at Ellis :v:

cool beans.

Nice job.

Searing beans,

Jumping beans.

Anal beans.

Green beans.

Beans beans.

Ilwrath made the Lasgun from scratch? Looks pretty cool.

Good job. I’ve wanted a decent one of these since EVER

I’ve updated the file with fixed lightwarp, and I added pic of the color variations to the OP. So I’d recommend to redownload it.

woo thank you downloading :smiley: ellis looks awsome

So now just release the guardsman.

Oh god what is this I don’t even

Mmm… To much Phong? or to much light details?

Those soldiers look cool.

Please in the name of the Emperor release those guardsmen!:byodood:

In due time they will, or maybe not, could be just private models to them.

Looks alittle too blocky but that’s just me

Naw, there is a project going on right now to port DW2 stuff, which would be why they’re so blocky. I just want them sooooo bad!