Imperial Regimental Army Boarding Party Preparing to Move Againgst Colonial Order Ship Security

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looks awesome, i love the lighting on the stairwell.

and as i said on steam, you managed to make my map not look like complete ass for the first time ever.

Imperial Regimental Army Boarding Party

thats a mouthful

A boarding party of the Imperial Regimental Army.

Not really.

Nah man it’s a mouthful.

So this army consists of two battalions? Its worded very strangely. Might of well put “sci fi soldiers raid a ship” because thats really all I can see here.

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It just kind of looks like you’ve tried to make the picture fancy by giving it a peculiar title.

dear god that title is a mouth-full

The posing is really natural, and the lighting is just great!. also love the blacklight soldier skins by the way.

i think you put more effort into whatever back-story is in your head than the actual picture

there’s always something wrong when your title is infinitely more interesting than your thread content

nice colors and soundtrack

hahahaha the title is so obnoxious

okey so no more interesting titles anymore then

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but instead of complaining about the title, how about actually commentating on the image, hmm?

it’s a bit dull. the posing is decent but it’s not exciting or interesting at all. i can’t work out if the dude on stairs is a bad guy or what

The fact that he’s aiming towards the others suggests that he’s a bad guy.

And how could I make it more interesting/exciting?

that’s why the title is obnoxious, it sounds like there might be something going on but its just four guys standing with their weapons, looking at the camera

Then tell me how to make it more interesting and/or exciting, instead of complaining about something I’ve already figured out, okey?

don’t make it four guys standing just around? i dunno, the ‘good’ guys seem pretty deaf just standing there while someone comes down the stairs, and the ‘bad’ guy is just standin there with his dick in his hands doing nothin

Then another question: What is a good way to make tracers and muzzleflashes? That way, I can improve a whole lot.

tracers suck don’t use them

i used to make awesome muzzleflashes but i forot how to