Imperial Star Destroyer-ish (Heavy SBEP inside, ye be warned)

It’s “-ish” because the details and the shape aren’t exactly right. Let’s call it an improvized version.

I got the idea after I saw Iosekki’s corellian corvette. This thing is just about the same size, if not smaller.

Has interiors and is fully parented. Too bad it moves like a helicopter, the nose tilts down when moving forward and so on. Oh and it’s kept in the air with hoverballs, so start bitchin’ :v:

Caution: Contains use of SBEP

Credits to Iosekki for the rebel ship pic, and sorry for using it without permission.

(There’s two gaps at the back :frown:)

And when moving, this happens :saddowns:

Should have made the base prop bigger me thinks.

And the rear support thing of the bridge looks fugly.

119 props.

Not bad, it looks like complete ass from the top though.

wrong material boy

Used that material because the underside hangar had it, and if I had used some other, it would have looked… well, worse. But I’m open for suggestions.

And thanks for calling me “boy”, I just lost the last remains of my small ego.

The shape is nice, but you should decorate the cockpit.

You, sir, are AWESOME.
I’ll notify the guys over at the SBEP thread. Jaanus already bitched at them to move their ship posts here.

I think your others are better.

Well, I haven’t really done big stuff like this before.

the tip on the front is horrible but overall it’s good

That’s awesome. That must have taken a long ass time. Great job


I think he came :byodood:

Thats pretty epic, but i can’t say i approve of the materials >.> Too… bolted. Needs a more solid armor lookin metal.


119 props… I am impressed.

What interiors does it have other than the hanger bay and cockpit?
I see a side porn for starters…

Playing on a server with a low prop limit and no parenting tools has left a mark in my building style.

Actually looks pretty well done, despite the material in question. At least it’s not as jarring when someone makes some SBEP spam ship made out of six different model sets.

If you want other materials for those hard-to-do-anything-with SEnts, go find the Skin Switcher STool off of, it works on the entities as well.

Does not look too bad actually!

I’m sure there’s people around who could help you to get the thing up in the air without pesky hoverballs!

Even with hoverballs, if you spread the thrusters evenly from front to back, as in moving some of the rear thrusters to the inside of the nose, it should help with the tilt.