Impersonation Storys!!!!!!!!

Ok my story goes a little like this. After killing our neighbors they said they wanted an Alliance (ikr how gullible), so i “accepted” it, aka did it to get all buddy buddy just to betray, and after me and my friend betrayed, we minded our own business got into a few firefights, all that stuff, and i hop off to grab some dinner, when i come back my friends tell me one of the guys that we had betrayed-(Some kid named Prizmar or something like that) Had decided to impersonate me, walk over to my base and kill my friends and then proceeded to cuss at them. So Prizmar, if your out there, watch your back, cause we are coming for you!

Now, after that little rant what are your guy’s Impersonation Story’s?

I think you are a traitor and now no one on the server will trust you.

On day a guy was runign with my name and i sed stopp and he said no :DDDDDD

Ummm, first off I know who my friends are and they are strong enough i don’t need any others, 2nd not everyone reads the forums and 3rd Do you really think i care if no one else wants to team with me? I got a group I’m sticking with and it sounds like your the loner

french people got mad again, took my name and started speedhacking

Once again, Garry said and I quote "This could be used as the players “footprint”. "

Oh my god, the rage in ooc that came when you found out.

People like you are the reason they invented private servers!