Implement a Buddy-system!

Hi there,
So it’s really frustrating if you want to play with a friend, that you’re not able to just spawn at the same place rather than having to navigate through, and try to find a common point.
I think this should be implemented swiftly, and i’d recon it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to pull it off.

Read this to see why your suggestion is very unlikely to be implemented.

It’s been suggested many times over the past year and a half and not once have the devs taken steps to add it.

You can both easily find each other (as long as the map seed doesn’t have a large inner lake that cuts the map in half) by walking south (or north, depending on where you spawn) until you reach the boundary between the desert and grassland biomes, or the grassland and snowy biomes, since they currently generate in equatorial bands across the map. Once you are on the same line, everyone heads in the same direction (east or west) until they run into the coastline and each other.

You can place a sleeping bag, and by holding E, you can select an option to assign it to a friend (and lose your ability to spawn there) so that you can join each other easier (just have them suicide).

Best thing I’ve done is hunt barrels for a bow. Kill an animal then make him a bag to spawn at.

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I get the dev’s logic but why make it a pain in the ass for people? People can just F1 kill over and over until they are close to a landmark. Might as well just make it simple.

Garry’s whole rant in that post conflicts with so many other ideas they’ve committed to that I have no idea where to even start…

It’s the total arrogance of comments like that from Garry and group, talking about “emergent” gameplay. If everyone is kill on sight then how is that emergent? The only “immediate action” is to kill… What’s the downside to always killing people? How do they plan to implement import/export and farming later without having these components? Not saying it has to be a rating or color visual but that post was not thought out… (hope it’s not relevant at all anymore).

They did make it simple. They let us give ownership of sleeping bags. It’s literally as easy and pressing a button and clicking a second button, how much easier do you need this game to be cupcake?

Don’t disagree, I just don’t see the point in having people waste time to make a sleeping bag just to meet up. Hell, maybe you make it where they can only do it one time when loading into a new server.

LOL, you say easy, I say practical. I don’t need to be babied. I just don’t think it’s worth me spending 30+ minutes of my night finding someone in a game.

if me and my Buddy join a Server it’s less then 10 minutes for us to find each other … the sleeping bag makes it easy as hell… i dont see the Point in making it even more easy …

Agreed. Unless you utterly suck at Rust, finding each other isn’t that difficult. It wasn’t before the sleeping bag assignment was added. And it’s even more brainlessly simple now. Especially with the crazy concentration of animals now.

If you can’t get the cloth and wood required to build a sleeping bag for your friend, perhaps you need to be playing something easier than Rust.

For me finding each other in a beginning of a game is one of the fun part of Rust right now and it is not really difficult… Why so much people want everything to be easy ???

I think it’s just the pervasive culture of entitlement that seems to permeate society these days. People don’t want to work for anything anymore. They just want things to be easy and be handed to them with as little effort as possible.

So a game is meant to be work? Sigh, it’s folks like you that are creating this gaming world where you have to put in insane hours just to get some dinky item that’s unique. Quite frankly I don’t want to buy a game that requires me to put time into getting some junk (that doesn’t need to exist) set up in order to really even play the game. If that’s fun for you, cool. I’m just saying I don’t find that to be fun and many others don’t either.

It’s not about easy street, it’s about it being a fun part of the game and worth my bloody limited time for a game. A game that’s meant to be a FUN outlet…

Don’t disagree about entitled people btw, just think you need to separate that view from “things” or “objects” in real life to stuff in a game.

I wasn’t necessarily referring to you, syn. Just replying to the short part of Ronny’s post that I quoted. And you see whining like that on this forum all the time where people don’t want to work towards an objective. They just want it pretty much handed to them with no effort required.

maybe some games just require that syn so they’re not suited for people with very limited time. They shouldn’t just be modified because of that, people that want big teams should learn how to cooperate if not then they should cut the numbers or suffer the consequences of shooting each other.

Ah, fair enough. I mean, I get it. I guess I’m not on the forums enough to get bothered by it. I like that there are tons of ideas on here and viewpoints, even if they’re sometimes crazy, bad, etc.

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Yeah, fair point. But even if we all had countless hours to play, would you still want sleeping bags to meet up the first time to be a requirement? I was just coming from the opposite perspective that it feels like a waste of time. Totally get that some want it to take effort even to get a team/duo together.

Absolutely. It’s a perfect solution to starting out with friends and it shouldn’t be changed. It’s not a waste of time, it’s playing the game.

The advantage of having to find your friends on the map is that you actually get to learn the layout of the land. Eventually you have to anyway. Might as well start when you’re a fresh spawn. If that’s not good enough, then you can do the sleeping bag. Doesn’t get much easier than that…

  1. Spawn
  2. Beat a tree with your rock till you get enough wood for a spear and sleeping bag
  3. Craft spear
  4. Find and kill a few animals (that’s REALLY easy now)
  5. Build sleeping bag, put it down, assign to a friend.
  6. ???
  7. Profit

Steps 1 to 5 can be done in less than 5 minutes.

this is my opinion. Having a buddy with you is a massive advantage so I think that it is a little unfair to spawn together, you should have to put the effort in to find each other to get the advantage. I understand if you do want to play with a friend you don’t want to spend 20 minutes trying to find them but it is a small price to pay for the advantage gained.