implement a mortar

as it Say’s Do it :smiley: we need mortar but make them hard to build and make to brake after 10 shots and they need Maps To fire of and its hard to aim them but the explosion radius big but not that big AND TY :slight_smile:

Just no. Some random bandit would bomb every square inch of the map.

Garrey pls add nuke and RC bomb car kthx

we need KILLSTREAKS and baret .50 so i can 360 noscope everyone!!!

Because every weapon possible must be accessible in this nearly barren post-apocalyptic world…

game needs more dirtbikes

also add killcams

I’m betting a lot of players here were in DayZ but never once touched the mortar from Arma 2. Instead all their knowledge of mortars comes from BF3 I’m guessing.

A Mortar? wtf? unless its uncraftable and only found at a military base, this is really random.

Just wow, I mean yeah add a few more explosives into the game like I.E.D’s (Improvised Explosive Device) but a bloody Mortar…Jesus that’s a tad overkill, maybe after that you’d like long range Artillery barrages, haha

I also want to be able to call in artillery barrages from an off shore fleet of battleships as well as a raid of B-17G flying fortresses as a death streak to carpet bomb the area where I died for the next two hours.

Bad idea. No mortars… It would be way to op

Can you add jet’s so i can fly around and bomb people in-game?


Wouldn’t it just be better if you could craft a in-game hammer that would ban players everytime you hit them. It could be a killstreak if you kill 3 pigs.