Implement a non-disqus chat system?

I cannot tell you how annoying Disqus is to use.

It’s so annoying to use.

I made a Twitter account just for the stupid chat system, and it displayed my whole god damn name for the world to see. It won’t change it, either.

I just want to login to the site, and comment as Black-Ice, not my whole name. Can be used against me :tinfoil:. I don’t see the point in using a different party software for a commenting system, wouldn’t it be easier to ban people from commenting if they logged in through Steam as they have done? I’m just not seeing the valid point. If you could provide reasons (that are preferably not biased) as to why uses Disqus, go ahead.

I thought I was the only one, I would like to see the entire site redone to look like the new With a custom Comment system.

I could not agree more. I just hate the whole right now. :sax:

You don’t gotta sign up to Twitter. You can sign up to them direct, and you only need to give them the info you want to.
The reason Garry uses it is that it gives him a consistent comment system across all his sites that he can ban people from with a click.
It works fine for him and most users, so he won’t even consider making his own.

Disqus is perfectly fine (even I use it), if you’re having trouble with it then you’re doing something wrong. You don’t need a twitter account (or even a facebook account), there’s an option in sign-up to just make a Disqus account (and if people are flinging shit your way for your name they deserve to be banned anyway).

Fake name. Profit.

Surprisingly, the Disqus registry form doesn’t work for me or some shit.

Well, you will most likely get banned from commenting just for telling someone not to reupload wire or phx to Its better to not comment at all.

What if I upload some shit thing I made and I want to comment on people’s feedback? :v: