Implement Traps

I’d like to see traps in general added to this survival game. Looking at rocks, sticks and hatchets. I would think if I were to survive I would definitely have traps. I’m not talking unlimited traps, but maybe only having 4-5 of one type of trap active at a time etc…


This is discussed and in development by devs, bear trap should be coming out within the next few updates, more of this kind of stuff to follow :slight_smile:

I Guess I’ve read through recent Dev stuff and this may be further back then I have read. I did perform a search but didn’t seem to find this topic come up.


np :wink:

traps will be abused making bases untouchable,am glad about bear traps because they wont be;there not like toxic gas or rooms that catch on fire

They would (hopefully) make traps detectable if you’re paying attention. Right now I think it’s too easy to raid people once you have C4, and there’s not much you can do to completely fortify your base from a hound of 5 bastards with 20 c4 a piece. Being on the interior side of the blasting door many many times, I can tell you that I’d really enjoy a chance to stick it to my attempted raiders by having a trapdoor set on a higher floor that drops you down several stories to your death, or a landmine in my front yard. Again, there’d have to be a way to detect these things to keep the game fair, but at the same time, you should need to be paying attention and watching out for these traps to avoid/disarm them.

Well I don’t think a trap should 100% kill you for one.

I’m thinking more inline of a variety of traps, snare traps, rooting traps, bleeding traps. I’m sure we can think up even much more interesting traps.

They don’t have to be set instantly, maybe they take 5 to 10 seconds to set. Can have a lot of variety here.

I did type it wrong.
What i meant was that it can not be impossible to avoid the traps,they need to be fair.That is why i like bear traps,because they can be avoidable.maybe they can add camouflage to balance it more to the base owners.I just don’t want a stair case of invisible trip wires

Definitely agree with you there. :slight_smile:

Read through this AMA that Garry did.

It has a lot of (semi-vague) info about what kinds of things they want to add eventually.