Implementing a political structure

This thread is about, for an individual server, to create a political-economic system that manipulates the world, empowering specific individuals that are fortunate enough to unlock a game changing mechanic:
-Server wipes and people scramble for dominance in the usual Rust form
-some airdrops or secret locations (to encourage exploration) would drop a Political/economic Factor. What this would do to the current holder of the Factor (takes up a physical slot) would let them manipulate say, taxes by a set amount indicated by the Factor. In this example, every 10th resource mined for instance would have a deduction ingrained into it, which is transferred to the holder of the Factor. As you can see, thirst for the Factor would set a target on that persons back, and depending on your alliances, enemies, multiple things might happen. Maybe your alliance safeguards the holder, so that their regime persay can gain control of the world, or maybe a revolution might start when greed takes over. Other examples might be:
-No Gun DMZ’s, a buffer zone where no guns can be wielded.
-taxes as stated previously (raise or lower for everybody, depending on political standing)
-increased crafting costs for those other than the holder of the Factor and those designated with it (maybe when activating the Factor a player list is created so you can check a players name) and decreased for the Holder and its designated targets.
-Ability to call in a missile strike on a target location (again, an ingame map for co-ordinates) every in-game 24 hours. This one would cause panic in the people and everyone would strive to either protect the wielder or destroy him.

Depending on the political ideology the wilder chooses to follow(totalitarianism, with the use of threats and military power, feudal, with its mercantilism etc.)
PS, a musical element would be cool too :wink: crafting a piano for example and being able to play specific notes on keyboard

It’s hard enough to even come across somebody who doesn’t immediately try to kill you let alone maintain a political or economic system. The game is built around free-for-all.

If someone wants to make a mod for this, have at it. But I don’t think it would fit well in the vanilla version. It just seems to make one guy too OP.