Implementing body groups to Roleplay Jobs

I own a DarkRP and PERP server and I’ve recently come across a pack that has lot of player models and even more skins.
But The skins are a bodygroup and i was wondering how i could make the player a playermodel that’s using a specific body group

For example the PERP code is as follows
JOB_MODELS[TEAM_MAYOR] = “models/player/breen.mdl”;

If your wondering what player model pack i’m talking about here it is.

**Found no help on google btw

you would be very very lucky to find someone willing to help you with anything to do with perp, especially for free.

perp is a leaked gamemode notorious for shit code and being broken.

player models in perp are hard coded through out the game relying on certain combinations of characters in the file name. ie m_1_01, f_1_01, etc.

i didnt download the pack so im not sure if the models follow that convention but if you change/add new models you will need to fix up that code.