Implementing FA:S 2.0 Weapons into a Dark RP server.

Hi. I’m having a tad bit of trouble.
I’m trying to implement some FA:S 2.0 weapons into my server.
The addon works fine. I can spawn in weapons from the weapons
menu and use them fine.
The only trouble I’m having is when I’m trying to turn them into a
shipment. When I spawn a shipment of a gun, and retrieve a gun
from it (or break it), this happens.

Here is the code I’m using for the shipment.

AddCustomShipment("M3 Shotgun", "models/weapons/w_m3.mdl", "fas2_m3s90", 3000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_FASDEALER})

Do you get any errors in the console?
Also DarkRP questions are best posted in the Dark RP help thread going at the moment.

AddCustomShipment("AK 47 Shipment [10]", "models/weapons/w_rif_ak47.mdl", "fas2_ak47", 8000, 10, false, 0, false, {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_ADMIN})

There’s my shipment that I know works for FAS 2.0
Which looks the same as yours, so maybe try re-installing Dark RP?

I thought some FAS2 weapons don’t have world models.

They don’t. That’s why some of them use CSS world models. Just change the world model of the weapons.

No errors, just that.

Change the world model to a default CSS weapon world model.