Implementing guns

I am an admin on a server and I am kind of know for doing well with a deagle, I asked the owner that if I found out how to make me spawn with a golden deagle and just forwarded it to him, he would give me it. Are there any ways of me doing this? I have thought about making a seperate admin rank, and just making it spawn with a deagle, but are there simpler ways or can someone just explain in great detail in a step-by-step manor on how I could accomplish this? It would be greatly appreciated! The gun I want to spawn with is the golden deagle from this link ( ). If any of you know of a normal deagle that someone just recoloured, that would be great if you but it down there! Thanks! Since I do not have access to the console and server directory, you might have to give alot more detail for me to explain to my higher ups.

P.S. I have no clue what a SWEP is and if that will work for me to spawn with it.


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I really need help please

What gamemode?