Implications unpleasant [ME2 Inside joke]

Just trying to get used to photoshop (Newbie here) hehe

Hoping for a Mordin solus port soon… He’s awsome :slight_smile:

The Garrus/verren pose :

CC is more then welcome

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

Nice haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

For the ppl who havent played the game :slight_smile:

Bevel and embossing looks out of place on the thought bubbles.

Looks like Mordin needs some brain bleach.

Thanks for the reply…

Not sure how elese to make it though… Still new to photoshop

Heheheh indeed he does… Good thing he isnt drell with a perfect memory =)

Never actually talk to Mordin. Think I’ve seen that part before.

Why would you skip talking to him… He’s awsome man, he’s a singing salarian for pete’s sake =D