Import Fallout: New Vegas Animation into 3ds Max 2012?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to get some animations out from New Vegas, except I can’t import any kf files into 3ds Max without one of a few things happening.

  1. 3ds Max gives me the error message “Improper file format” and does not import anything.
  2. Importing works, except none of the animations actually include any data or movement.
  3. Using Nifskope & exporting as OBJ, then importing into 3ds Max gives the error “nothing to import” from the Niftools import plugin.
  4. Using Nifskope, exporting as DAE, then importing into 3ds Max also has no data or animations in it.

I was wondering if anyone out there knows a working KF file importer for 3ds Max 2012. I’m currently using this NIF importer, which works perfectly with any NIF files from Skyrim, FO3, and New Vegas, but not the KF files.

Thanks a ton.

You could possibly import the animations into Blender and then export them in another format.

I’ve been trying to port some new vegas stuff for a while now. Use this and just import the nif straight in

The problem is that I don’t own Blender, although I could go through the process of getting a student license just to do this, but that’d be a last resort.

That only supports 3ds Max up to the 2009 version, although I’ll see if it works just the same for my 2012 version.
Also note that I said that I’m having trouble with the KF files, the NIF files work perfectly fine.

Unless something major has changed that I’m unaware of, Blender is free. Its Max 2012 that you’d need a student license for.

I’ve tried different importers with different versions of Blender and different versions of Python and different versions of PyFFi, and I’m not having any luck with the KF files.

Anyone have a better step-by-step guide than the ones made by Niftools? Their’s seems to be outdated.

Just wanted to update the thread with my findings.
To get animations to work in 3ds Max, you have to import the “skeleton.nif” from the base game in meshes\characters_male, then import any .kf files and it should all work perfectly.

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