Import PSA animations/poses to SFM?

I’ve wondered about something since I got Bruticus ported. Is it possible to import the PSA Unreal animations that trigger his copter blade shield start-up, his shield bash, his flamethrower ready position, and his ground pound move to Source? Heck, is it possible to port any sort of Unreal animations to Source?

I’m sure you could, there is a PSA importer for 3ds Max.

Okay, guess that tool wasn’t just to show off the animations in Max. Now to find a way to do it. Where are the PSA’s usually found for a mesh?

[del]I forgot to add that since the models are individual parts like the legs, the left arm, right arm, etc; how do I combine multiple skeleton meshes and some static meshes into one whole mesh model?[/del]

edit: nvm, found out about the meshes.