Import Source Models and Animations into Max with Wall Worm 2.0

It’s been pretty much impossible for me to ignore all the requests for more support in Wall Worm for importing models from Source to 3ds Max. I’ve never been big on importing to Max and mostly work with the exporting tools… but I’ve finally caved to demand.

Among many other updates released in WW 2.0 today, there is now proper support for importing complex models from Source, including animations.

This video covers this aspect of the new WW 2.0 model importing. I’ll cover re-skinning and re-exporting in the near future.

I’ve committed a large percentage of time to this update. Please consider supporting all these free tools by purchasing CorVex, Wall Worm’s level design geometry plugin (which itself has a new update coming next week).


Yes, yes, and yes. Thank you.

sorry but you can not make a tutorial reverse? how to import models from 3dstudio max on gmod? I think it would be more useful

sorry but you can not make a tutorial reverse? how to import models from 3dstudio max on gmod? I think it would be more useful

thank you so much.

Thank you!

oh wow that’s pretty sweet. Time to update my copy of wallworm!

There is actually a new update posted in last few minutes to fix a reported bug. So it is version 2.01 now.

Already I’ve gotten some of the same group of questions regarding the import functions. Please read the SMD and QC Importer docs. Especially regarding complex characters, it is unlikely you’ll be able to import the full model and re-export straight into Source without some tweaking. At the moment, this is viable for importing a model for re-skinning the textures or getting the bones to re-export a new sequence–but using the original QC (with added reference to new sequences). Read the considerations at bottom of the importer docs link.

The quote above and in emails about doing a full export is something I will be addressing in an upcoming video–as well as viewmodels and weapons, etc.

More updates. Some bug fixes to the exporters…

And also added Texturegroups to the importer.

Update today that addresses some problems with certain kinds of QC files (almost any made by Crowbar that had $sequences). This will make it easier for you if you are using Crowbar to decompile models.

Hey Shawn, I really appreciate this version of the tool. I’ve been working with Max 2012 for two years now, and I was really bummed when one specific skinning function finally broke. I had no luck with the older Wall Worm with skinning and importing, but this version finally does what I need it to. I’d just like to say thank you for the tool from you and Mariokart!

Keep up the work with the tool, it’s getting places.

You are welcome.

VTA import may also come in the near future. But we’ll see how many people buy CorVex before I commit :slight_smile:

VTA import would be a huge boon to anybody that makes headhack stuff, no more having to tiptoe around faces for the sake of preservation, and it’d be great to get existing base shapes for analysis and replication onto new heads.

I really hope your corvex tool sells well.

WW actually already supports exporting VTA files. Here is a little bit on the topic of facial animations in WW.

DMX Exporter/importer as well as VTA/VRD importers are possible additions but likely only if there is financial support via CorVex sales. The amount of time gone into WW versus the return is highly imbalanced :slight_smile: I’ve decided to make those features I rarely/never need personally dependent on WW’s commercial plugin success. Which… at the moment… is less than motivating for me. So spread the word!

Update to WW today. Fixes some bugs that broke the VTA exporter in WW … so if you tried to follow the facial animations link above you would have a failed export because of this bug. It was introduced in another general-purpose update in WW recently… and I hadn’t tested how those changes affected the VTA exporting.