Import tf2 models with flexes into blender


is there a way to import the whole model with flexes into blender? Always when I import the heavy for example, the head bones (or what ever) are missing. I would like to make a tf2 video with blender and i need the flexes. In this video, someone has used the flexes from tf2 to make it:

the decompiler pops out the VTA files that contains the flexes, but I can’t recall ever seeing a plugin. for importing them.
I’m sure it wouldnt be too hard for someone like wonderboy to implement, since he did those SMD plugins.

Why not send him an email?

If you REALLY want to there is a way to get them back into 3DS Max but its very um time consuming

The SMD Tools for Blender actually do support VTA import. Just make sure you select the model before you go to import the VTA, that way it attaches the shape keys to the proper mesh.

It should work, but I’ve only used it once.

I have export the files with all the flexes into blender. But how can I use them to make an animation? I´ve never worked with flexes.

Try setting one frame with zero value and make a second animation frame with 100.

That should work as a simple test.

When i change the value nothing happens. This happens with every model. I belive that the model lose the deformations of all shape keys at the import. I have heard that the maker of this video has used dmxedit. But how can I use it?

Ah that makes change

Essentially each keyframe is exported into a seperate model and he then recreates the morphers with them by setting them as the morph sources.