Important: All Official Servers are unreachable.

We need a full restart on all official servers please.
Some have been unable to connect to for over 24 hours (notably US East Coast 3 (Large)), which is why I suggest they restart them.
It states the servers have players in them but multiple of my friends and many others on the forums cannot connect either.
This goes for all official servers.

Post here if you find a solution or just want to help raise awareness.

It’s not only official servers, I think they will already be working on fixing it, maybe it’s just a new patch.

I seems that the Steam Master Server is down (again), which is the issue.

Nice one bud.

I would think that Steam should be able to keep their servers up =/

Crap i left my door open and now i can’t connect.


this is a problem across all hosters. Please wait for official information by the Play Rust team, but it looks like the steam servers are having problems.


I wouldnt worry, no one else can either

Here me and my friends cannot connect too… but i see some server with players in searching tab

SOme of the US servers are working, but not EU

I cant connect too,I fall sleeping when the servers down,I was using my unique m4 full modded =(

ManJelL - only if they made auto closing doors. not kidding!

LordSekmeth how did you get that and how do we make a tutorial to spam them. Spam them until they stop fucking rust over with their inability to do their job

edit:: or is that from the server host? Steam needs to be harrassed

You’re complaining about an early access game running into snags? Dear lord baby jesus…

Its a mail from the serverhost.

Unfortunately, it still seems to have some problems.

Looks like this is going to be a weekly issue that is “out of your hands”.

Considering this, what alternatives are the server hosts considering?

Is there anything we can do to push Steam to get this resolved? Many of us are paying for server hosting that is a useless hunk of technology right now.

Looks like Pat and Helk are looking into it now! So there is probably going to be a statement…