Important discovery: Unparenting

Magnetizing a prop unparents it. Thought this might be pretty useful. Beware that it removes nocollides, and if anything touches the sleeping prop (bullets, collisions, etc) it will fall to the ground. Magnetizing props also circumvents prop limits. If you fuck up a parenting (as long as it’s parented to a wire chip) you can undo it and move the prop or whatever.

found out on accident

Holy shit that actually is a discovery!(AFAIK) Seriously though its pretty awesome, I’ve destroyed my contraptions so many times by parenting them wrong.

Have you tested if their is any side effects to the prop afterwards like not being able to parent again or screwed up physics or something?

I’ve always just reparented shit to some other wire entity and then just removed that, but I guess this is useful.

rated wrench :v:

Useful, I suppose. I knew before that magnetizing things tend to alter their state, but never that it removed parenting (!) If you even normally dupe a magnetized prop, the magnetism will disappear from the newly duped prop just like with right click no-collide (altough everything’s as it should with ADV. duplicator.)

Also if you magnetize breakable props, they won’t be destructible no more. If you do this to a destructible prop however, it will unfreeze itself and fall to the ground. Odd, that.

Can you magnetize something and then parent it? Will that still bypass prop limits?

Also, magnetizing turns vehicles into props. (non-driveable models. Same thing with sents.


you can just use e_unparent with ECS, been using it for years now

Wow what a phenomenon. Parents are strange animals

Good to know, thanks.

so magnetized props ignore the prop limit, eh? good to hear since the props limits are so small in some servers.


Magnetizing props doesn’t “deparent” them or turn them into anything. When you use the magnetize tool, the entity you clicked on is deleted. The tool then spawns a magnet entity with the same model and the same location and the same angles. There are still limits on magnets, and they have a bit more memory overhead than normal props. You have been forewarned :stuck_out_tongue:

therefore it unparents the prop, you move it, and reparent it. lag gone.

Fucking magnets, how do they work.

Silliness aside, they really are useful. Thanks for the tip, should make experimental building less laggy now that I can parent as I go and remove things I dislike.

Parenting doesn’t do jack about memory overhead… if it did, parented wire wouldn’t work.

the physics stay on the ground so they’re not moving.


what the fuck is “memory overhead”

Each magnet requires a certain amount of memory more than a prop. Each magnet stores ~7 more properties than a prop. Basically, 100 magnets would eat up way more memory than 100 props, and more processing power seeing as they apply force to props (althought the magnitude may be 0).

none of us are running out of memory. It’s either fps lag or over constrained/collision lag.