important people!!

i am shocked no one has done these (if they have i havent seen them)

George w bush (and shoe)
ronald mcdonald
chuck norris
winston churchil
gordon brown
rick ashley
the angry german kid

kayne west
david hasslehof

who is cthulhu?

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okay i agree but…were’s cthulhu?

You forgot Kanye West. (Not famous, but we wanna make fun of him.)

Ronalds been done, albeit a bit lame. I found it it a model pack, I forget where though. i look around see where it came from.

Rick Astley. :rolleyes:

Most have been done.

also George Bush has been done already.


so has Chuck Norris and Ronald

This thread reeks of stupidity.

was the shoe made

you cant have george bush without a shoe!

also can i haz links?

(why the fuck does this reek of stupidity?)

Valve made a shoe model. (actually a boot, but who cares) and there is a real shoe model but you need l4d for it.

And wow, this does reek with stupidity

I know who was forgotten, Obama!

Or was this topic a way to say he’s not important?

“Important” people, I’m sorry, I had to stop reading after I saw Rick Astley among them.

EDIT: Lol at the “Who is Cthulhu?”

wait this Cthulhu? -Ronald -Bush -Jesus -Chuck Norris

Where as Rick Astley been done?

Don’t forget Stalin, though he is a Gregori skin.

George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
The Cast of Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Fonz
A better Jesus model