IMPORTANT: playermodel request

My request is a simple human model be turned into a playermodel, i believe his bones are in check so there shouldn’t be much trouble.
Now i have the model and everything and it should be able to easily be made a playermodel,
problem is, i have little to no model to playermodel scripting experience.

Now for my request, It’s a USMC soldier from vietnam, and I really could use somebody’s help.

Here’s the model download:

Early thankyou to whoever helps me out, cheers!

I can do this, i’ll get this done later today. Would you want me to upload it to or just send it to you?

Could you send it to me as well please wish?

Yes, no problem.

Okay, got it done. I’m sending it to both of you, it comes with the model and is in addon format, so just move to addons.