Hello there i need some help on how to install starwars rp i have been looking for guides but cant find any could anyone please help me

StarWarsRP is DarkRP just with custom edits to it.


I have installed darkrp but what do i do after that?

Code. Thats what most people do, except the owners are 12 year old kids that use their mothers credit card to pay a developer to make another shitty rp server ran by young kids.


Okey. It should be easy as i am a developer :stuck_out_tongue:

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Was wondering because of everybody told me to download some shitty shared.lua

Alright m9? Want to make a star wars rp server?
Rename DarkRP!
Here is how:

Follow this Step-By-Step

  1. Go to garrysmod > gamemodes
  2. Rename “darkrp” to “swrp”
  3. go into the folder “swrp”
  4. Rename “darkrp.txt” to “swrp.txt”
  5. Open “swrp.txt”
  6. Change the title to “starwarsrp” as well at the top
  7. Go to garrysmod > gamemodes > swrp > gamemode
  8. Open both files with notepad OR notepad ++
  9. Replace “GM.Name = DarkRP” in both files, to “GM.Name = Star Wars RP”

Hope this helped!

People really shouldn’t be condoning this. You’re taking someone’s work ( Dark RP ) and changing the name just because you’ve added a couple of addons that really don’t make it nearly as ‘unique’ as it seems. Keep Dark RP in the name if your server is running Dark RP.

Starwarsrp is built on darkrp.

Not really - it’s Dark RP with lots of custom ad-dons to make it star wars like - the base game-mode is still Dark RP. In which case your taking the main work which is the base game-mode, and renaming it so it looks new, when actually it’s not.

If you actually want to start creating game-modes, then create your own. The main mass of Dark RP is built for the easy configuration / customization - it wouldn’t take long to re-create the main parts in your own game-mode and then you can actually call it your own, but this isn’t what people do. They just buy a load of shit from people and re-name the game-mode. It’s not fair on the people who make them… and it’s misleading in the server-list.

You say “Okey. It should be easy as i am a developer :P” - then start coding. If you were a ‘developer’ rather then a configurator, you wouldn’t have said your next sentence “…everybody told me to download some shitty shared.lua”.

These day’s people seem to think ‘building upon’ a game-mode or ‘developing a server’ is just adding a load of crap to it and calling yourself a ‘developer’. When actually, you do not developing or coding at all. Editing config lua files is not developing.

How is this so important?

What do you mean?

" IMPORTANT: StarWarsRP Help "
How is this so important that it prioritizes this post about a crappy DarkRP edit over everybodys support post?

Ah right - ye I was thinking the same thing. Sorry, wasn’t thinking :wink:

Do this ^. Don’t listen to the others not to change it. Soo many people change it to starwarsrp and they do get more players because of it from what I have seen.

EDIT: Just realized the last post is 3days old :/. My b

People change it to starwarsrp so that it shows up in the star wars rp section of the server browser