Important things to download for gmod online

It’s been awhile since i have played gmod. I just want to know Is there any new addons i need so i don’t get a thousand error messages when i join a server. Also suggestions on what addons i should get to be able to do cool things would be great. sTools etc.

The game itself.

Phx, wire.

Precision allignment
Smart Snap
Nocollide multi


But i’m vanilla. Vanilla is way better.

What is vanilla, and thanks.

Vanilla is no addons AT ALL

Vanilla = Basic/default/original

Vanilla is stereotypically the basic flavor of ice cream :v:

i would recommend stacker tool… really usefull

Wenlis tools SVN for Phys_Buildmode to build more precise.

In order to stop the error messages and forgetting any extras, I would just get wire and PHX.

PHX 3, Wire, Stacker, Adv Duplicator and Weigh.

Sorry but I have to disagree with you sir.