Important waterfall Special FX added before patch release...

Gamebreaker apparently. Patch on it’s way now.

source? one of the early Devblogs mentioned waterfalls.

Video of Dev Blog Waterfall

Screenshot of in game waterfall(photoshopped?)

Cool, now we can have showers

if you don’t take showers in game, do you get so stinky your enemies can detect you from a mile away?

its why the deers and pigs run, and the bears and wolves attack you, your smell is so repugnant it drives creatures to run or attack you.
Your enemies cant smell you due to that they smell the same and can no longer detect any other smell.

Talk about “getting your rocks off”. lol

This is very reminiscent of the “yogurt cannon” Gooseman had announced for Counterstrike many years ago…

No, NOW we can have showers. Indoor plumbing confirmed.

Damn, My Psychic powers are strong today, i just spent about 3 hours researching Industrial Pipe creations and pieces as a concept for a new building method. Think of all the things we could build using Industrial pipes and joins, not the huge ones but the smaller size ones. All one has to do is Google search for Industrial Pipe creations and check out the the possibilities.
vehicle and object frames
water and electrical plumbing(wind turbines and water storage)
siege equipment

That’s awesome