Imported materials in 3DS Max not showing up

Everytime I press “M” and drag a material to the menu, it just simply doesn’t appear in the circular preview where it lists the textures. I can’t get textures to port into 3DS anymore. It quit working and yes, I do have the VTF plugin for it.

You know, you really should keep all your questions in one single thread. Have you tried loading the material by clicking “Diffuse Texture” and then “Bitmap” while having a material selected in the materials window?

I created new threads so my specific problems on certain issues will catch someone’s eye that might have an answer for me. Where is diffuse texture and bitmap located?


One other hting, is the material I have selected supposed to be a default material or an imported one, because I can’t highlight a texture that isn’t there.


How do I reset my materials window, I htink I messed with it and it quit lalowing me to import for whatever reason.

Well, while it might benefit you, it’s very annoying to have five different threads for five questions by the same person. I suggest you simply search for a tutorial on how to load and apply diffuse textures in 3DS Max on google. That way you can hopefully view pictures if you’re lost.

Just tell me under what menu diffuse textures and bitmap is located.


How do I reset my “M” materials menu, I just want it all back to defaults.

No, I’m not going to bother answering every single small question when all you need to do is search for a tutorial.
Like this one, for example:

Listen, I’m not going to search for a tutorial on every correct or incorrect solution you have. The efficient way to get my questions answered for me, is for you to just give me the whereabouts of these files so that I can see if that is the problem or not. I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but I have looked up tutorials and have had no luck. I need to first know what you’re talking about before I go out of my way.


Can you at least tell me how to reset my materials menu to default?