Imported PNG to VTFedit into a gamemode. Getting black artifacts?

I imported a transparent PNG to VTFEdit and exported the vmt and vtf so I could use it for my custom hud. For some reason said image has black artifacts, how do I fix?


Set the lighting mode to “UnlitGeneric” in the .vmt

Sorry to sound nooby but how would one do that?

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This si whats in my vmf file:

	"$basetexture" "vgui/icons/heart"
	"$translucent" 1

I have a question: Why don’t you just use the .png as your image? It already supports translucency and you don’t need a .vmt associated with it, assuming that’s all you wanted out of it.

Also, a quick lesson:

“UnlitGeneric” is typically used for sprites and vgui elements.

“LightmappedGeneric” is typically used for map textures.

“VertexLitGeneric” is typically used for models.

Id love to use the pngs. How would I do it with this?


surface.SetMaterial( Material("vgui/icons/heart.png") )

Oh… didnt think itd be that easy haha. Thanks a lot!