Imported Toybox items don't get saved?

I generally play single player Gmod, and I have no idea if its just me, but any item I import from Toybox will NOT remain in the game once I reload it. If this is a standard for everybody, they need to seriously fix this. I spend a lot of time putting stupid shit in intricate places, as detail means a lot to me.

I tried to find a thread already pertaining to this, with no luck. If this gets asked regularly, my apologies, this is a first time visit to the forum for me…

Please clarify. Do you mean that once you download something off toybox, once you restart your game, you have to redownload it?

Not redownload. Items spawn immediately as they should.
My problem: certain (most) items I spawn into the map are no longer there when I reload the map.
Example: I place a radio prop I spawned off Toybox and leave it, say, on a shelf in a room. I save game.
Coming back to this game, that shelf (spawned from the regular inventory) will remain. No radio prop (spawned from Toybox).
I noticed though, a few certain items have remained. I have come to the conclusion (threw lack of posts) that this is just my personal bad luck, and I alone have this burden.

I have the same problem but I think some toybox props aren’t properly coded to be able to be saved.

Makes sense, such a shame though really.
Thanks for sharing, I was starting to think this was just my own Gmod taking a shit on me.